*Note: July, August and December, we are at rest. (No Bible Study)

14th… Serenity Baptist @ NC—4:00pm

28th… Maynard Ave Baptist @ NC—-5:00pm (Re-Dedication Service)

(No Events Scheduled)

(No Events Scheduled)

8th… NC @ Smyrna Baptist —3:30pm (42nd Pre-Pastoral Anniversary)

22nd… Good Shepherd Baptist @ NC—4:00pm (Deacon’s Day)

6th… NC @ Mt. Nebo Baptist—-4:00pm (Mass Choir Day)

13th… Mother’s Day

27th… Pastor in North Carolina

2nd… Senior Pastor Day

17th… Father’s Day

24th… Men & Women’s Day—Mt. Nebo Baptist @ NC—4:00pm

21nd… Friends & Family Day

(Worship At The Movies) Showing “Black Panther” 11 am
28th  The Gospel according to “Black panther” 

11th… NC @ Good Shepherd Baptist—3:30pm

18th… Smyrna Baptist @ NC—3:30pm (12th Pre- Pastoral Anniversary)

24th… Music and Word in the Air—11:00am-3:30pm @ NC

15th… NC @ NJ—4:00pm (Going Home!)

22rd… Resurrection Baptist @ NC—4:00pm (12th Pre-Pastoral Anniversary)

13th… Springhill Baptist @ NC—4:00pm (12th Pre-Pastoral Anniversary)

26th… Set-up for Anniversary dinner—11:00am

27th… New J @ NC— Dinner, 4:pm (12th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration)

10th .. Burnside @ NC

16th… NC @ Eliezer COGIC–6:30pm (57th Church Anniversary)

24th (monday).. Nc@ serenity – 6:30pm (Hour of power) 

22rd… Christmas Family Fellowship

31st… Watch Night Service—10:00pm (Serenity BC & Hebrew  BC @ NC

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